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Fluval Flora (7.8 gallon Planted Aquarium Kit)

Fluval recently released this new small planted aquarium kit.

  • Includes: Tank, Glass Top, 13 watt light, Filter, Substrate, Decorative Foam Background, Mini CO2 Setup, Tweezers, Thermometer, Plant fertilizer.
  • Great value as pieces would cost almost twice as much purchased separately.
  • Easy amount of light that grows many plants but is moderate enough to reduce chances of algae.
  • Decorative foam background gives aquarium distinctive look. Also easily removed to increase aquascaping space.
  • Great first tank for someone interested in planted aquariums.

12 Gallon Nanocube, $199

  • Curved glass system aquarium features very bright 48 watts total of compact flourescent lighting
  • Includes 2 24 watt 50/50 blue/white compact flourescent lamps perfect for saltwater. For freshwater planted tank, purchase 6500K all white JBJ bulbs for $12 each (discounted price only available at time of purchase).
  • Energy saving electronic ballast and quiet fan for long bulb life.
  • 4 watts per gallon equals plenty of light for mini reef aquarium or fresh water planted aquarium.
  • 3 stage filtration includes 106 gallons per hour pump, bio-balls, ceramic rings, activated carbon, and bio foam.
  • 18.0"L x 19.6"W x 19.7" high.

An easy choice for a first time mini reef saltwater aquarium or freshwater planted aquarium. Elegant, all in one design reduces start up complexity. Very competitive pricing on this setup.

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