Taking Your Fish Home

Albany Aquarium Staff (June 2004)

Reminder of the Fish Bill of Rights

Take your fish home as soon as possible; the bag has a limited supply of oxygen. Keep bags warm for tropical fish. It is a good idea to leave the fish in the paper bag where it is darker and will not be stressed by bright light. In addition the bag will help to insulate the water to a certain extent. Nonetheless, get your new pets home as soon as possible.

Once home, make sure your aquarium water is the proper pH and temperature for your new fish. Float the unopened bag in the aquarium for 15 minutes. This allows the temperature of the water in the bag to reach an equilibrium with the tank water slowly, reducing the risk of shock due to rapid temperature change.

After allowing the 15 minute float, open the bag and double the volume of water in the bag with water from your tank. Float this bag upright in your aquarium for 10 minutes and then release. This step allows for a slower acclimation period to the water conditions other than temperature in your tank!

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