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The Importance of Separately Quarantining Fish

by Bing Sheng (February 2005)

Have you ever thought about the journey a fish makes before getting to your living room? Your aquarium may be the last stop on a journey that began in Asia, Africa or South America. At the very least, even the fish that are bred domestically have taken an airplane ride, spent some time sloshing around the back of a truck, endured changing temperature and water conditions. Pretty rough huh? Well all this stress takes a toll on the health of any animal and tropical fish are no different.

When fish first arrive at Albany Aquarium they are brought to our dedicated quarantine room where they are slowly acclimated. Each species is placed in its own temperature adjusted and chemically adjusted tank until conditions are just right and then they are released. They spend as much time as needed until they are happy, healthy, fat and feeding. Sometimes, it takes more than a month before the population stabilizes and we can bring it out to our sale tanks. In this time we treat for any diseases such as "ich" or eating problems and cull unhealthy specimens. This ensures you only get the healthy guys and ensures the health of your aquarium eco system.

What this means to you

Bottom line, you get really healthy thriving fish! You don't have to worry about bringing diseases into your home aquarium and can rest assured we will only sell the best. We have all seen the "floating fish" in the big box stores, and the places more interested in moving fish through the door rather than their welfare. We are the only aquarium store in the San Francisco Bay Area that maintains a separate quarantine facilty where ALL our incoming livestock stays until healthy. We take fish losses so you don't have to!

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