Aquatic Plants

We are happy to offer the largest selection of aquatic plants in the Bay Area. Make sure you come in and see them for yourself.

Why We Love Aquatic Plants

We've found that including live plants in your aquarium has so many benefits. It can establish the eco-system of your tank more completely and with much more room for error. Large amounts of rapidly growing plants process excess fish waste and provide an oxygen-rich, natural environment for your fish to thrive.

Also live plants add a whole dimension to the hobby that you don't get with just fish. You can create amazing, living underwater landscapes that can be an avenue of creative expression and a source of pride. Imagine combining all the best parts of pet ownership, gardening and bonsai in a single activity.

If you imagine your aquarium as a canvas, we've got so many wonderful colors, shapes and textures for you to create stunning underwater aquascapes where your fish will thrive.

Featured Plants

Pogostemon Stellata, Narrow

Wonderful, feathery plant with bronze leaves with purple highlights. Does best in higher lighting with good CO2 and fertilization. Closer to the light, the plant will develop multiple stems like a crown

Elatine Triandra

Bright green creeping foreground that is relatively new to the hobby. Grows quickly with CO2 supplementation and stays low to the ground in brighter light. Long oval leaf shape makes it a unique carpet plant or middle of the tank bush.

Vallisineria Spiralis Leopard

Long grass that appreciates harder water (supplement soft East Bay and SF water with Seachem Equilibrium). Leaves accented with small brown spots. Will grow in lower light.

Pogostem Helferi (syn. Eriocaulon downoii)

Wonderfully unique, rare foreground plant that looks like a mini succulent. Will grow in medium light but thrives much better with consistent CO2 and good fertilization. Really unique plant for the front of your tank.

Ludwigia Inclinata var. Verticillata 'Cuba'

Brilliant stem plant with feathery full leaves. Grows quickly if given the right conditions making it a good plant to prevent algae in higher light tanks. Needs consistent trace element fertilization, CO2 and strong light for maximum growth. Rewarding plant for someone looking for a challenge.

Plants Currently in Stock (last update 11/18/10)

Please find a more complete list of the plants we have in stock. We try to keep this list as up to date as possible but there can be discrepancies. If you are making a trip for a specific plants, please call us at 510.525.1166 to confirm availability.

Alternanthera reineckii

Amazon Sword Echin. Bleheri

Ammania gracilis

Anubias barteri striped

Anubias barteri var. barteri

Anubias barteri var. nana

Anubias barteri, 'broad leaf'

Anubias 'Petite'

Bacopa australis

Bacopa caroliniana variegated

Blyxa aubertii

Blyxa japonica

Cabomba aquatica

Cabomba palaeformis

Ceratopteris siliquosa

Chladophora aegagropila, Moss Ball

Cryptocoryne balansae

Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne petchii

Cryptocoryne pygmaea

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green Gecko"

Cryptocoryne wendtii "tropica"

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' x tall

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya'

Cryptocoryne willisii

Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen'

Echinodorus schlueteri - Leopard

Echinodorus tenellus

Echinodorus vesuvius

Egeria densa

Egeria najas

Elatine Triandra

Eriocaulon downoi (syn. Pogostemon helferi)

Fissidens fontanus

Hairgrass Dwarf (Eleocharis Parvula)

Hairgrass Medium (Eleocharis Minima)

Hemianthus callitrichoides

Hemianthus micranthemoides

Heteranthera zosterifolia

Hottonia palustris

Hygrophila angustifolia

Hygrophila balsamica

Hygrophila corymbosa

Hygrophila corymbosa 'kompakt'

Hygrophila difformis

Hygrophila siamensis

Hygrophila siamensis 'red'

Hygrophila siamensis 'cherry leaf'

Java Fern

Java Fern Narrow Leaf

Java Fern Windelov

Java Moss

Lagarosiphon madagascarensis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis 'Mauritius' small narrow leaf

Limnophila huppuroides, "Gratiola"

Lobelia cardinalis, "small form'

Ludwigia arcuata

Ludwigia brevipes

Ludwigia guinea (syn. Ludwigia senegalensis)

Ludwigia inclinata var verticillata 'Cuba'

Ludwigia inclinata var verticillata 'Pantanal'

Ludwigia palustris

Ludwigia repens

Ludwigia senegalensis (syn. Ludwigia guinea)

Lysimachia nummularia "Aurea"

Marsilea crenata

Micranthemum micranthemoides

Micranthemum umbrosum

Microcarpaea minima

Microsorium "Windelov"

Microsorium pteropus

Microsorium pteropus narrow leaf

Myriophyllum mattogrossense

Nessea pedicellata

Nuphar japonicum "Spatterdock" bulb

Nymphaea micrantha

Nymphaea "Tiger Lotus, red" Bulb

Pogostemon erectus (syn. Rotala verticillaris)

Pogostemon stellata, broad leaf

Pogostemom stellata, narrow leaf

Pogostemon helferi (syn. Eriocaulon downoi)

Potamageton gayi

Riccia fluitans

Rotala indica, rotundifolia, subm.

Rotala sp. 'araguaia'

Rotala verticillaris (syn. Pogostemon erectus)

Sagittaria subulata

Tonina sp. belem

Tonina fluviatilis

Vallisneria americana "mini twister"

Vallisneria americana Var. biwaensis - medium

Vallisneria nana

Vallisneria rubra 'Serpanta'

Vallisneria spiralis 'Leopard'

Vesicularia dubyana - Java Moss

Vesicularia montagnei "Xmas Moss"

Vesicularia sp. "Erect Moss"

Vesicularia sp. "Flame Moss"

Vesicularia sp. "Weeping Moss"

Vesicularia sp. "Taiwan Moss"

Complete Plant List

Here is larger list of plants. Most, if not all of these species, we have carried at one time or another in the past.

If you have a specific request for something that we have not listed in stock, please contact us at . Although we may not be able to accomodate all requests, we are happy to receive them and if you are willing to be patient, we will try out best to fulfill requests.

Acorus gramineus variegatus

Alternanthera cardinalis

Alternanthera lilacina

Alternanthera lilacina variegated

Alternanthera reineckii

Alternanthera species

Ammania gracilis

Ammania senegalensis

Anubias barteri - Fan

Anubias barteri - Marble

Anubias barteri - Oriental Green

Anubias barteri - Wavy Leaf

Anubias barteri var. barteri

Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia

Anubias barteri var. nana

Anubias barteri - broad leaf

Anubias barteri - variegated

Anubias congensis

Anubias gracilis

Anubias hastifolia

Anubias heterophylla

Anubias lanceolata

Anubias nana - Marble Leaf

Anubias nana - Narrow Leaf

Anubias nana - Eyes

Anubias nana - Round leaf

Anubias nana variegated

Anubias nana - Wrinkled Leaf

Anubias nana - Yellow Heart

Anubias nana - Golden

Anubias nana - Stardust

Anubias - Petite

Anubias species - Gabon

Aponogeton henkelianus

Aponogeton madagascarensis

Aponogeton boivinianus

Aponogeton capuroni

Aponogeton crispus

Aponogeton longiplumulosus

Aponogeton natans

Aponogeton stachysporus

Aponogeton ulvaceus

Bacopa australis

Bacopa caroliniana

Bacopa myriophylloides

Barclaya longifolia

Red Barclaya longifolia

Green Barclaya species

Blyxa alternifolius

Blyxa aubertii

Blyxa japonica

Bolbitis heteroclita

Bolbitis heudelotii

Cabomba aquatica

Cabomba palaeformis

Cabomba piauhyensis

Cardamine lyrata

Ceratophyllum demersum

Ceratophyllum demersum Mexico

Ceratopteris siliquosa

Chladophora aegagropila (Moss Ball)

Crassula species

Crinum aquatica

Crinum calamistratum

Crinum natan

Crinum thaianum

Cryptocoryne Wendtii - MI OYA, broad leaf

Cryptocoryne affinis

Cryptocoryne albidat

Cryptocoryne balansae

Cryptocoryne beckettii

Cryptocoryne blassii

Cryptocoryne ciliata

Cryptocoryne cordata, var. siamensis

Cryptocoryne griffithii

Cryptocoryne lingua

Cryptocoryne longicaula

Cryptocoryne lucens

Cryptocoryne lutea

Cryptocoryne nurii

Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne petchii

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

Cryptocoryne pygmaea

Cryptocoryne retrospiralis

Cryptocoryne tonkinensis

Cryptocoryne tropica

Cryptocoryne undulatus - red

Cryptocoryne usteriana

Cryptocoryne walkeri

Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii - tropica

Cryptocoryne wendtii - brown

Cryptocoryne wendtii - green

Cryptocoryne wendtii - MI OYA

Cryptocoryne wendtii x hybrid

Cryptocoryne wendtii - broad leaf

Cryptocoryne willisii

Cyperus helferi

Didiplis diandra

Echinodorus. Muricatus

Echinodorus muricatus - green

Echindorous - ozelot green

Echinodorus - Indian Red

Echinodorus - Kleiner Baer

Echinodorus - Oriental

Echinodorus - Phyton

Echinodorus - Red Flame

Echinodorus - Tropica Marble Queen

Echinodorus amazonicus

Echinodorus - Apart

Echinodorus argentinensis

Echinodorus barthii

Echinodorus berteroi

Echinodorus bleheri

Echinodorus cordifolius

Echinodorus cordifolius - harbich

Echinodorus cordifolius x hybrid

Echinodorus gabrieli - emersed

Echinodorus humulis

Echinodorus latifolius

Echinodorus latifolius - xingu

Echinodorus major

Echinodorus muricatus

Echinodorus - Oriental

Echinodorus osiris

Echinodorus - Ozelot

Echinodorus - Ozelot - green

Echinodorus parviflorus

Echinodorus parviflorus - Tropica

Echinodorus quadricostatus

Echinodorus - Red Flame

Echinodorus - Red rubin

Echinodorus - Red Rubin narrow leaf

Echinodorus - Rose

Echinodorus schlueteri

Echinodorus schlueteri - Leopard

Echinodorus species - Long leaf

Echinodorus tenellus

Echinodorus tenellus - broad leaf

Echinodorus uruguayensis

Egeria densa

Egeria najas

Eichhornia crassipes

Eichhornia diversifolia

Elatine triandra

Eleocharis parvulus

Eleocharis retroflexa

Eleocharis vivipara

Eriocaulon cinereum

Eriocaulon setaceum

Glossostigma elatinoides

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides variegated

Hemianthus callitrichoides

Heteranthera dubia

Heteranthera zosterifolia

Hottonia palustris

Hydrocharis dubia

Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Hydrocotyle silbthorpoides

Hydrocotyle verticillata

Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

Hygrophila angustifolia

Hygrophila - Cherry Leaf

Hygrophila corymbosa

Hygrophila corymbosa - compacta

Hygrophila difformis

Hygrophila difformis - variegated

Hygrophila lacustris

Hygrophila - Pantanal

Hygrophila salicifolia - Long

Hygrophila siamensis

Hygrophila siamensis - small form

Hygrophila sp

Hygrophila sp. - Cherry Leaf

Hygrophila sp. - Red Hygrophila stricta

Lagarosiphon madagascarensis

Lagenandra ovata

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis - Mauritius

Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae

Limnophila aquatica

Limnophila aromatica

Limnophila hupproides - Gratiola

Limnophila spec. - Brownie

Limnophila taiwan

Lindernia rotundifolia - green

Lindernia rotundifolia - variegated

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis - small form

Ludwigia arcuata

Ludwigia brevipis

Ludwigia glandulosa

Ludwigia inclinata

Ludwigia inclinata - green

Ludwigia ovalis

Ludwigia palustris - green

Ludwigia palustris - green submersed

Ludwigia repens

Ludwigia sp. - Cuba

Ludwigia sp.

Lysimachia nummularia

Lysimachia nummularia - Aurea

Marsilea crenata

Marsilea quadrifolia

Mayaca fluviatilis

Mayaca sellowiniana

Micranthemum micranthemoides

Micranthemum species

Micranthemum umbrosum

Microcarpaea minima

Microsorum pteropus

Microsorum pteropus - Tropica

Microsorum pteropus - Narrow leaf

Microsorum pteropus - Windelov

Monosolenium tenerum

Myriophyllum matogrossense - Green

Myriophyllum Tuberculatum

Myriophyllum dicoccum

Myriophyllum elatinoides

Myriophyllum hippuroides

Myriophyllum procerpinacoides

Myriophyllum scabratum

Myriophylum propinquum

Najas graminea

Najas indica

Nessea pedicellata

Nessea species

Nitella flexilis

Nuphar japonicum - Spatterdock

Nymphaea - Tiger lotus, red

Nymphaea micrantha

Nymphaea rubra

Nymphaea species - Red

Nymphaea stellata

Nymphaea - Tiger lotus - green

Nymphea Panama Pacific

Nymphea Red Flare

Nymphea Rubra

Nymphoides aquatica

Nymphoides ezannoi

Nymphoides species

Ottelia ulvifolia

Pellia endiviaefolia

Pogostemon stellata

Pogostemon stellatus - broad leaf

Pogostemon stellatus- narrow leaf

Polygonum pedunculare

Polygonum species

Potamageton crispus

Potamageton gayi

Potamageton malaianus - Vietnam

Potamageton perfoliatus

Proserpinaca palustris

Ranalisma rostrata

Riccia fluitans

Rorippa aquatica

Rotala indica - Pearl

Rotala indica - green

Rotala indica, rotundifolia

Rotala macrandra

Rotala macrandra - green

Rotala macrandra - green narrow leaf

Rotala macrandra - narrow leaf

Rotala macrandra - small leaf

Rotala nanjenshan

Rotala "Pearl"

Rotala walichii

Rotala wallichii - Long Leaf

Sagittaria platyphylla

Sagittaria subulata

Saururus cernuus

Saururus chinensis

Selaginella wildenowii

Tonina fluviatilis

Tonina species

Trichocoronis rivularis

Trichocoronis rivularis variegatus

Trichomanes javanicum - Aqua fern

Utricularia species

Vallisneria asiatica

Vallisneria contortionist

Vallisneria gigantea - green

Vallisneria natans

Vallisneria neotropicalis

Vallisneria rubra - Serpanta

Vallisneria spiralis

Vallisneria spiralis - Red

Vallisneria spiralis - striped

Vallisneria torta (corkscrew)

Vesicularia dubyana

Vesicularia sp. - weeping

Vesicularia sp. - X-mas

Zosterella dubia

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