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Welcome to the Albany Aquarium!

We offer the healthiest fish and the widest selection of aquatic plants in the Bay Area...all delivered by our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

We love sharing our enthusiasm and sustainable approach for fish keeping and planted aquariums with enthusiastic aquarists of all levels!

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Sumo Loach

Wonderful new bottom feeder. Handsome and full of personality. more

Pogostemon Stellatus Narrow

Wonderful, feathery plant with bronze leaves with purple highlights. more

Grow This Plant!

Many of our customers are getting good at growing plants. To keep you challenged we are featuring trickier plants to try and grow.

Ludwigia Inclinata var. Verticillata 'Cuba'

Tricky stem plant that pays off with rapid growth and full, feathery leaves with a reddish crown. more

latest news

Preorder Special on Mr. Aqua Rimless Aquariums

Deadline: Sunday, May 8th

We have been carrying Mr. Aqua's gorgeous line of rimless aquariums and are quite pleased with their appearance and quality. We are having a Preorder Special on all Mr. Aqua tanks. Details are outlined on this flyer.

Saltwater Shipment

We got a small but exciting shipment of corals and invertebrates. Come on in to check 'em out!

Healthy Fish

We are the only store in the bay area that maintains a completely separate quarantine facility to house and observe all new fish arrivals before we make them available for purchase. That means when you buy our fish, you can be sure that they are healthy and ready to thrive in your aquarium.

Sustainable Approach

We promote sustainable fish keeping practices including the keeping of planted aquariums.

Friendly and Accessible

We maintain a friendly and approachable attitude to make it easy for our customers regardless of their experience level, to get the help they need to succeed.

Knowledgeable and Ready to Serve

We use our knowledge and expertise in service to our customers to assist them in achieving their unique goals with their aquariums. more

Fluval Flora: Great Nano Planted Kit

The Fluval Flora comes with substrate, filter, tweezers, light, and filter. Great value for someone looking for a small planted aquarium! more